Reset password



First, ensure that your web connection is working and you have updated to the latest version of FishVerify. Go also to app settings > clear app data. This clears your latest views in the app and ensures that you are fully logged out/able to login again, but does not affect your profile or saved catches and comments.

As a last resort try rebooting the phone and deleting/reinstalling the app. This does not affect your profile, but be sure to remember your username and password.

Basic troubleshooting steps are referred to as the Three R’s: “Restart, Reset, Restore.”

Troubleshoot and fix problems with iOS apps



If you are not able to complete the signup due to not receiving the phone number verification code, you can still login! Open the app > Already a member > Login with the username you just created.

If experiencing other sign up problems, please try above troubleshooting. If it does not help, please contact and specify what happens step-by-step and attach screenshots. Also let us know what error message you receive and the device and operating system you are using. For example:

“Hi. When I try to signup to the latest version of FishVerify app I receive an error “Unauthorized to perform that action” on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9. Screenshots attached.”